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Feeling Anxious? Don't Beat Yourself Up

Getting angry with ourselves for feeling anxious is an incredibly common thing. For some reason, it seems many of us think that the feelings of fear and nervousness should only be reserved for children, and that as adults we should be "brave and strong", apparently meaning "without anxiety". I'm not completely sure why many tend to think or feel this way, but I am 100% sure that we shouldn't have to. Anxiety, whether temporary or chronic, is a human emotion. It's not something we have to apologize for, and it's definitely not a sign that we are inherently weak. It is simply information that is telling us to be cautious, alert, and prepared. Now, can anxiety become so overwhelming that it's uncomfortable or even debilitating? Yes, and I'm not at all saying that any of us should have to live with that either. What I AM saying is that anxiety is normal. It's human. And getting angry at its presence is not helpful, nor will it rid us of the emotion.

So then...what? What are we to do with anxious feelings? I recently had the opportunity to discuss these questions with Margarita Tartakovsky, MS, an Associate Editor for Psych Central. Click HERE to read an article she wrote about our conversation titled, Being Kind to Yourself When You're Anxious, and find out about some of the tips and strategies I suggest for managing anxiety in a kind and healthy way.


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