The name 4 Points Family Therapy represents 4 key “points” of wellness for all individuals, couples, and families: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. These overarching pieces of our well-being are vital to our ability to grow both within ourselves and our relationships. Much like a nurtured plant, we all deserve to feel alive, strong, and free to thrive, while at the same time feeling safely and securely rooted in our life.


Spirituality is a broad spectrum that is defined differently by everyone. For some, it means worshiping a higher power and practicing organized religion. For others, it may mean connecting with life and themselves through nature, meditation, or mindfulness. Even relying solely upon science and evidenced-based fact is a form of spirituality. No matter your take on the subject, figuring out who you are within this “point” can enhance and fortify your sense of well-being.


The emotions we experience are important pieces of information that allow us to make appropriate decisions, and help us navigate our way through life. Because emotional experiences are often complex and overwhelming, it can be difficult to understand the meaning behind them, or even face them altogether. Strengthening this “point” of wellness is essential in helping you achieve a positive sense of well-being for yourself and your relationships.


Where we are at mentally has a profound impact on how we think, behave, and interact socially. Our brain is a central source to our ability to function, so naturally it is going to require time and attention in different ways throughout life. Taking care of this “point” of wellness enable you to face challenges, adapt to change, create meaningful relationships, and achieve your highest potential.


Physical health is the most visual aspect of wellness. Distress in our physical self or environment often leads to a decreased level of well-being in other areas. Likewise, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues often manifest themselves physically. Therefore, physical wellness is looked at in therapy in order to ensure that this connective “point” is effective and supporting your overall health.

Whether you’re being faced with adversity and harshness in your life, or simply wish to flourish further toward your ideal level of well-being,

4 Points Family Therapy is here to guide and support you along the way.

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